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Silage cutters for sale in south Africa is widely applied to agriculture. It can cut dry and wet corn stalks, wheat straw, cotton stalks, soybean stalks and other materials into small pieces at one time. The crushed pieces completely meet the requirements of feed indicators, and can be used for raising cattle, sheep, donkeys, horses, etc. It can also be used for raw material combustion in bio power plants and biog as production etc.

The importance of crop straw

Crop straw appears to be a kind of waste, but in recent years, many countries in the world have paid more and more attention to the development and utilization of agricultural biomass resources, and re-examined the status and value of crop straw with science. Silage cutters for sale in south Africa is very popular, and there are a growing number of straw crusher machine are exported from China.

The structure of silage cutters for sale in south Africa

The straw crushing and recycling machine is composed of a crushing device and a recycling device, which can directly cut and recycle crop straws standing or laying in the field. It can be directly drop the crushed straw on the field to increase the nutrition of the land. It is a simple and convenient machine for comprehensive utilization of straw, usually matching with tractors.

Operating method of straw crushing machine

  1. it should be raised to a certain height before work, generally 15-20 cm.
  2. Connect the PTO shaft and turn it slowly for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Put on the working gear,and operate the tractor to adjust the handle to gradually reduce the height of straw crushing machine to the required stubble height.

Precautions of silage harvester

  1. Timely check and adjust the tightness of the triangle belt.
  2. When you hear an abnormal sound during work, you should stop and check immediately to eliminate the fault.
  3. Pay attention to clearing and avoiding obstacles in the field, and avoid the silage crushing machine hitting hard objects such as bricks, stones, cement products so as not to damage the parts.
  4. When the silage crusher machine is working, do not approach the rotating parts.
  5. Raise the machine when reversing.