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All kinds of foods have a certain color. Even the same kind of grain often varies in color depending on the type of variety. For example, there are yellow and white corn, sorghum has red and white, and millet has yellow, white and red. , soil brown and other colors. Do you know how the rice you eat every day has changed from rice processing? In fact, the rice shelling machine does not immediately become a crystal clear, even and full of rice, but first become brown rice, brown rice removes most of the cortex and a part of the embryo becomes white rice, and the surface of the white rice will have a small amount of tantalum powder. . For the appearance, storage, and taste of the rice, the portion of the meal is removed by a “polishing” process. Proper polishing can make the surface of the grain appear brighter and sell better, but over-polishing will reduce the nutritional value.
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In fact, the traditional one-time shelling rice processing process retains most of the nutrients of rice as much as possible, but due to the low efficiency of traditional processing, enterprises are more willing to choose the modern rice shelling machine processing method. In addition, the traditional processing of rice has no polished rice length, and the more polishing times, the longer the shelf life of rice. “The surface of the non-polished rice has a layer of rice bran which is rich in nutrients. However, due to the small size of the rice bran, it is easy to deteriorate during transportation and storage.” Therefore, in order to look and store the rice, the taste of the rice is generally processed. This part of the powder is removed by a “polishing” process. The polished rice is clean, bright and crystal clear, even without panning, and the price is higher than the rough processed rice.