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Background information introduction

Our company sent 48 sets of corn shelling machines to customers in South Sudan as part of the FAO bidding project. We provide customers with English instructions and corresponding certificates to ensure smooth operation and compliance.

Attractiveness of corn shelling machine

Our maize threshing machine is equipped with tires and fans, which is more comprehensive than other merchants’ products and has become one of the important reasons why customers choose us.

By sending machine mass production drawings to show the factory scale, we demonstrate our strength and quality assurance to our customers.

We sent detailed drawings of the corn shelling machine to customers and stated that we could give away accessories to provide customers with more comprehensive services and support.

Customer needs and feedback

The customer requested an on-site test machine. Although the corn season is limited, we provided the previous test machine video and the customer expressed satisfaction.

Customers also consulted us on other machines, including winnowing machines, rice and wheat threshers, 9FQ crushers, and oil pressing machines. Our business managers introduced them one by one and provided solutions.

Economic benefits and cooperation

As our factory improves production technology and saves labor costs, we give lower prices, thus winning the favor of our customers.

This large order has opened up new cooperation opportunities for both parties. We will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services and grow together.