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The Breadth of the Corn Plant

According to statistics, the United States grows the most corn. Mexico that in Latin America is the origin of corn and is known as the “Hometown of Corn.” Since ancient times, Indians have regarded corn as life. With corn, they have happiness and prosperity. Corn is a very widely planted crop in agricultural production, and it is directly related to the smooth progress of farmers’ lives, which makes many machinery and equipment related to corn be made and applied. For example, a corn thresher is one of the mechanical equipment specially used for threshing. Because of the automatic production process in use, it avoids the disadvantages of traditional threshing which requires a lot of manpower and time and saves a certain cost for farmers. It also improves the efficiency of threshing.

The Advantages of Mechanical Threshing

It is a very good choice to use a corn threshing machine for corn threshing, and the equipment also plays an irreplaceable and very important role in use due to its advantages. Maize thresher has a small area that meets the labor demand of rural production and is suitable for farmers. The most important is that every household can afford it.

  1. Remarkable efficiency: The maize thresher machine can remove 15-20 corn cobs in one minute and 400-500 kg of corn in one hour. (Subject to actual threshing quantity, this data is for reference only!)
  2. Simple operation: The thresher is different from the complex operation of the old thresher. It uses a simple lever principle, which can be understood at a glance and will be able to be taken off.
  3. Convenient to use: The thresher does not require maintenance or electricity, and can be used arbitrarily fixed on a wooden stool or other fixed places, which is flexible and convenient. (Threshing can be done anytime, anywhere)

With the different application scope, there are many different types of corn thresher machine, such as manual, large or small thresher, and so on. This requires us to fully understand the performance of the different machine and select the appropriate product for use according to our actual situation, to better meet our needs in use and provide great convenience.

Three Types of Corn Thresher

Corn Peeler and Thresher Machine

It is a corn peeler and thresher machine, which can fully remove the husk and then thresh the corn kernels. Its capacity is 1-1.5t/h and only can be used for corn or maize. It can be powered by a motor, gasoline engine, or diesel engine. The threshing rate is more than 97%.

Large Output Corn Sheller

It is a big size corn sheller machine with a high cleaning rate(99%), and different types have different capacities, that is 4t/h, 5t/h, 6t/h. The machine has a conveyor belt for transportation, and a large output of corn threshing can be obtained with less manpower.

Corn Thresher/Corn Shelling Machine

The machine is equipped with a diesel engine and has a reasonable structure design. The clean kernels are blown out from the side of the machine, and cobs come out by another outlet. This machine separates corn kernels from cobs at an amazing speed. Most importantly, all kernels can remain unbreakable. It is widely used for livestock breeding, farmers as well as your daily life.